Personal Care for Seniors

Chestnut Knoll Personal Care and Memory Care offers Personal Care in Boyertown Serving

Personal Care Services

We provide services such as assistance with bathing, dressing, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, activities, transportation services and three balanced meals a day all in a home-like environment.

Every resident will find a unique mix of security and independence, privacy and companionship, and physical and social well being.

Chestnut Knoll's Partnership with Fox Rehabilitation

Chestnut Knoll is committed to the overall quality of life for our residents and has partnered with Fox Rehabilitation to provide on-site therapy services. Seniors at Chestnut Knoll have the opportunity to increase their activity level, and have a better quality of life and level of independence with the addition of two structured therapy programs.

Strength, Mobility and Balance Exercise Program

This program offers a proactive approach to improving strength, mobility and balance deficits by using evidence-based, objective assessment tools.

The progressive and challenging exercise program, proven to increase strength, mobility and balance in order to improve the ability to maintain independence and individual wellness and decrease the risk of falls. The Strength, Mobility and Balance exercise program increases individuals' functions so they can remain active members within their community. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and occur two times per week.

Fox Optimal Living Program

Taking healthcare decisions out of the hands of the insurance companies and putting it back into the hands of the providers.
Chestnut Knoll has adopted this new pilot program into our community at no charge to our residents. The Fox Optimal Living Program is designed to provide therapy and/or wellness services to all Chestnut Knoll residents, regardless of insurance coverage. We, as a team, will ensure that each resident receives what they need for optimal living at Chestnut Knoll and will provide those services through this program.

All residents will be assessed by the Fox rehab team to determine their individual needs.
There are no out of pocket costs to the residents or families for these services; however, we will need consent to enroll your loved one in the program.
Therapies include physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy and personalized wellness services.

A Team Approach

Our Program Manager will coordinate your loved one's needs through an interdisciplinary team approach. We communicate regularly with families and health care professionals so we can make sure that your loved one's needs are met. We encourage families to visit often and to participate in the activities and special events. Many families discover that, without the responsibility of personal caregiving, they can truly relax and enjoy the time they spend with their loved one.

Please come visit us and discover what it means to be "at home at Chestnut Knoll."

Personal Care for Seniors in Boyertown